Competent Crane Operators Help You Get the Job Done Safely

Using a crane requires that you or your employees know how to safely handle and operate the equipment. If you’re a construction company that hires out large pieces of equipment for big jobs, then you probably rely on operators from the crane hire company to operate the equipment. At Tooley’s Crane Hire, we service the Wodonga area with a large fleet of crane rentals and competent drivers and operators for the equipment. You will never take out a crane rental from us and be expected to know how to operate the equipment.

Stellar Safety Record

All of our mobile crane operators are fully licenced to operate heavy equipment and take the necessary safety courses. The safety record at Tooley’s Crane Hire is exceptional, and we believe that businesses like yours feel confident using our operators because our safety record speaks for itself. Our drivers have the knowledge and training to maximise safety on your job site and ensure that all of your employees or contractors work in a safe environment when around the crane. The fact that we give our operators quality equipment is another reason that using our hire company for your shutdown jobs or bridgework is a great idea.

Operators Knowledgeable on All Equipment

Our operators are knowledgeable on all of the equipment we stock. If conducting a bridge & steel erection and the current crane isn’t right for the job, the operator can easily switch to a different crane. You never have to worry about outsourcing to a different hire company in order to switch up crane equipment. With our 24/7 emergency repair services, our operators will make a repair call and we will promptly send out someone to troubleshoot the problem and make any repairs. We feel confident that you’ll have a positive experience using us for your next crane job.